Who we are ?

MARK INTERNATIONAL (P.) LTD. is IT Based Company. It is registered at Company Register's Office, Ministry of Industry, under Service Industry. The head office and service facility are situated at New Road, Kathmandu, which is one of the prime location for business in Nepal.

This company was established with an intention to bring something new, unique and modern aspects in the Nepalese IT scenario. We are competitive professionals and service oriented background. IT industry is growing globally at fast pace and to provide best products to customer to meet their expectations is very challenging, we are committed to meet the expectations. Since, this is our area of excellence and we are fully confident that we can serve our clients in best possible manner. Our past record of performance proves it. But this is not the stop. As one always thrives for betterment, our company will also advance to serve you again and again.. The best possible ways.

About Us

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A. Marketing of Computers and other Office Automation Products

Our main objective is to fulfill growing demand for Information Technology in Nepal. Competitive marketing of various IT related and office automation products/ideas/technology is our prime concern.

B. Software and Hardware Support:

We do not only sell computers and other office automation products but also support our perspective clients in every aspect. We provide our customers with Annual Maintenance Scheme; with this scheme customers can use their computers in "HASSLE FREE" environment. If any thing happens we are always there.

Ownership Pattern

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The firm is registered as a Private Limited Company

Company Registration No: 44604/063-064

VAT Registration No: 302594890

C. Digital Surveillance system (CCTV).

In todays complex business environment, CCTV can provide the best solution for discouraging the theft and unwanted activity in sensitive areas. It is easier to track and punish the guilty with recorded footage of the event. A more advanced form of CCTV, utilising Digital Survillance System (DVR), which provides recording possibly for many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion-detection and email alerts). In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room; when the environment is not comfortable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event.

D. Hardware Repair and Maintenance

After all computer is machine. There can be problems even with the computer with "warranty". In cases such as power-spike and other harmful events, parts of your computer can be damaged or it can malfunction. In such occurance, we have trained and experienced technicians, fully equipped Lab & well stocked spare parts to solve the problem.

E. Installation of EPABX system.

Our expertise also lies in installation of EPABX system. Our satisfied clientele list of more than 100 customers is testimony to it.

At Present we are providing following major services:

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  1. Marketing of IT related products.
  2. Digital Surveillance system (CCTV).
  3. Networking (LAN & WAN) wireless system installation and support
  4. Installation of EPABX system
  5. Hardware & Software Maintenance
  6. Multimedia equipments and presentation accessories sales and installation.


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Office Location and Facilities

We are located at New Road, the heart of the Kathmandu. We have 2,800 sq. ft. office facility. For efficient and prompt service we are fully equipped with modern office facilities and state of art Computer and Multimedia equipment. We also have full Internet access and our clients could be communicated via E-mail or Mail-fax and vice-versa.

Mark International (P.) Ltd.
Address : Pako, New Road
Phone : 977-1-4224130
Fax : 977-1-4224130
E-mail :info@markinternational.net

Our associates

S.B. Computer Services

New Road, Kathmandu
(Our Associated Company)
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